About Training

The Dharma Ocean lineage offers comprehensive training in somatic meditation. This comes through a series of five yanas or vehicles, each of which presents a curriculum of teachings and practices intended to develop certain human capacities. The development of these capacities - which include sensitivity, stability, and open-heartedness - reflect a deeper embodiment of our unique human life.  

Aspects of this training program are replicated in Neil’s teaching schedule. This affords individuals who feel drawn to systematically explore somatic work several opportunities to do so with ongoing support and instruction.

At present, these opportunities focus upon the Ground Yana (and the practice of Meditating with the Body), the Meditation Yana (and the Somatic Practice of Pure Awareness), and the Yana of Love and Compassion (and Bodhichitta practice).        

In addition to attending appropriate classes and workshops, students interested in training with Neil’s guidance are also asked to contact him directly. Such contact will further define the work to be undertaken and clarify which programs offered by the wider Dharma Ocean community - both online and residential - will support one’s journey.