Somatic Meditation

Our lives are an expression of wisdom. Each life - and every moment within a life - is a uniquely appropriate manifestation of the path we are called to travel. Our human task is to open to this wisdom without boundary or restriction, to welcome the path of our lives just as it is.

The term ‘somatic meditation’ refers to a wide range of mindfulness-awareness practices that take the body as the focus of our human journey. Drawn from Tibetan and East Asian Buddhism, these practices gradually develop our ability to be present in our lives. Through such presence, we begin to establish a relationship with our somatic reality and to embrace our lives as our truest route to fulfillment.

For many, the practices known as Meditating with the Body are our introduction to somatic work. In a variety of ways, these practices form the basis of Neil’s introductory classes and workshops. Other events offer exposure to the Somatic Practice of Pure Awareness and the heart-based Bodhichitta practices.