Guided Practices

Our relationship with somatic meditation - our relationship with life itself - deepens with the development of a regular home practice. In establishing such a practice, many find guided audio a tremendously supportive resource. With this in mind, four short practices are offered below.

Meditating with the Body

This recording presents Ten Points Practice, the most fundamental of the Meditating with the Body (MWTB) protocols. The primary aim of this - and all MWTB practies - is to develop our innate sensitivity to somatic experience. The track here accomplishes this over a thirty minute span, the bulk of which is spent lying down.


The Somatic Practice of pure awareness

This simplified version of the Somatic Practice of Pure Awareness develops our capacity to stabilize within embodied experience. Running roughly thirty minutes in length, this session is spent in upright sitting posture.

Bodhichitta Practice

This session distills Bodhichitta training to three key words. Through feeling, melting, and opening we touch our always available, always radiant heart. The recording's thirty minute duration is spent both lying down and in upright sitting posture.

Five Minute Meditation

The Five Minute Meditation (FMM) is a simple practice offered with busy lives in mind. Working with posture and attention, FMM accesses a deep sense of presence and rejuvenation while sitting in a chair. This track runs roughly five minutes in length.