Ground Yana

Training in the Ground Yana develops our innate sensitivity to embodied experience. Through a series of two dozen practices, we learn to open to the body and accept somatic experience as the basis of our human life.

The practices that characterize Ground Yana training are known collectively as Meditating with the Body (MWTB). Aspects of the MWTB curriculum such as Ten Points Practice form the basis of Neil’s introductory classes and workshops. The entirety of this curriculum is found in Reggie Ray’s Your Breathing Body audio series.   

Tuesday evenings in the Westshore and Wednesday night Intermediate classes at Monterey Centre presently offer the full Meditating with the Body curriculum across a variety of timelines. Friday morning's All Level classes at Monterey Centre explore the early stages of this syllabus.  

Essential to all forms of somatic meditation, the MWTB practices - and the Ground Yana more broadly - are an ideal starting point for training in this lineage.