Compassion Yana

The Yana of Love and Compassion very naturally concerns itself with connection. Commenting on this stage of development Reggie Ray writes, “As we practice and continue to open up, slow down, and become more grounded, we begin to realize that we are deeply, deeply connected with everything.”

Fully inhabiting inherent connectedness - embodying this truth in a genuine way - is the work of this yana. Through a curriculum known as the Seven-Limbed Bodhichitta (Awake Heart) Training, we strengthen our capacity to welcome all experience - both our own and others’ - without filter or agenda. We strengthen our capacity to love. 

Bodhichitta training lay at the centre of both Dharma Ocean’s Sutrayana Study and Practice Intensive (Part Two: Mahayana) and Wednesday night Advanced classes at Monterey Centre. The latter occur three times a year (Sept, Jan, June). Highlighting the ongoing importance of the Meditating with the Body practices, Advanced participants must also take the concurrent Intermediate class series.

Training in the Yana of Love and Compassion is appropriate for students familiar with somatic meditation and / or for those drawn to this work. The Bodhichitta curriculum can be found in Reggie Ray's audio series Awakening the Heart: A Somatic Training in Bodhichitta