There are times when all of us - practitioners and non-practitioners alike - can benefit from a little extra support. Whether we are struggling with a business decision or our daily meditation sessions, sifting through old memories or trying to discern the direction of our lives, the presence of an encouraging other can generate tremendous insight and transformation.

In his coaching, Neil helps us bring the practice and perspective of somatic meditation into everyday living. He offers guidance as we lay - or strengthen - the foundation of a personal meditation practice. He offers outlook and attention as we strive to welcome our lives as they are. That is, as we work to receive our present circumstance as sharing a wealth of information regarding next steps to be taken.

Coaching sessions are done via phone, Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime. Roughly fifty minutes in length, these can be done in single, stand alone sessions or in recommended bundles of four. Please note: As Neil’s teaching schedule becomes increasingly robust, new clients are accepted only as time allows.