Neil McKinlay

For almost twenty years, Neil McKinlay has trained with Reggie Ray, Spiritual Director of the Dharma Ocean Foundation and one of today’s foremost meditation teachers. In addition to daily practice and study, this tutelage has seen Neil spend more than a year in group retreat, receiving the tradition of Reggie’s own teacher, Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, in a direct and personal way.

Throughout this span, Neil has also been a parent and partner, author and swim coach. Affirming the everyday character of true spirituality, each of these roles has been folded into his training and development. This fact lends all of Neil’s work an immediacy that encourages us to discover how these teachings relate to our own lives.

Today Neil continues his spiritual apprenticeship as a teacher of somatic meditation. Helping others access the stability and insight of this practice, he works in a wide range of contexts. These include classes and workshops in Victoria, BC and throughout the Pacific Northwest, as well as Dharma Ocean’s annual Sutrayana Study and Practice Intensive - an online program with international participation.