Meditation Yana

Through training in the Meditation Yana, we develop our capacity to stabilize within the somatic experience discovered through the Ground Yana. Rather than obscuring experience behind veils of ideas and reactivity, we slowly learn to witness and receive our lives’ free expression.

The Somatic Practice of Pure Awareness characterizes the Meditation Yana journey. Quoting Reggie Ray, this practice “is similar to ‘silent illumination’ in Ch’an, Shikantaza or ‘just sitting’ in Zen, and ‘abiding in the natural state in Mahamudra and Dzogchen, except that is is more explicitly and consistently somatic in nature.”

Wednesday night Advanced classes at Monterey Centre and the annual Saltspring retreat focus upon The Somatic Practice of Pure Awareness. The former occurs three times a year. Highlighting the ongoing importance of the Meditating with the Body practices, Advanced participants must also take the concurrent Intermediate class series.

Meditation Yana training is appropriate for students familiar with Meditating with the Body and / or for those drawn to this particular stage in the human journey. The full curriculum for this practice can be found in Reggie Ray’s The Somatic Practice of Pure Awareness audio series.