Further Resources

Neil’s most immediate resource recommendations focus upon material encountered within his long mentorship with Reggie Ray. Of Reggie’s published works, Touching Enlightenment and two audio series - Your Breathing Body and The Practice of Pure Awareness - are relevant to anyone interested in somatic meditation. More of Reggie’s work can be accessed through the Dharma Ocean website.

Elsewhere in the Buddhist tradition, three titles in particular have significantly deepened Neil’s understanding and experience of somatic work: Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind (Shunryu Suzuki), The Posture of Meditation (Will Johnson), and The Trauma of Everyday Life (Mark Epstein).

Beyond these, Neil’s journey as both student and teacher has been impacted by a wide range of teachings. Recent notables include Fate and Destiny (Micheal Meade), The Wayfinders (Wade Davis), and the contemplative trilogy of Kathleen Norris (Dakota, Cloister Walk, Amazing Grace).