Neil McKinlay - Meditation, Personal Coaching, Intuitive Guidance & Healing
Neil McKinlay - Meditation, Personal Coaching, Shamanic Healing & Guidance - Victoria BC

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“We make the journey because life requires this of us.”
- Neil McKinlay

Our lives find unique support in the work of Neil McKinlay. A meditation instructor, personal coach, and intuitive guide and healer, he provides the tools and perspectives required for us to explore ourselves in a deep and immediate fashion. Whether engaged alone or in conjunction with one another, Neil’s services help us see that we are more than we imagined and realize this world is more than we dreamed.

All Neil’s endeavors are grounded in his training and practice under the direction of Reggie Ray. One of today’s most innovative and resonant spiritual teachers, Dr. Ray’s work offers a unique perspective on the human journey. This view affirms the accessibility and relevance - indeed, it affirms the profound necessity - of personal transformation in the modern world.

Echoing this, Neil comments: “While not always easy, what’s asked of us by life is usually pretty simple. Again and again we are called to listen, trust, and leap. Through this we come into possession of our own unique potential. We find out who we really are and, in so doing, become increasingly able to help others.”